Friday, October 4, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane.......

Hello sweet blog friends, today I decided to take a trip down memory lane and post some old cards I designed over ten years ago, BD (before Dies).  Do you remember the days back before we had the blessings of all these wonderful dies and cutting machines?   My early crafting days go back to when there was a company called, "DOTS" (Dozens of Terrific Stamps) today which is called, "Close to my Heart".   Kind of tells you how long I've been making cards (25+ years).  Isn't it just like the Lord to give us the desires of our hearts and provide all these wonderful tools for us to use to glorify Him.  He daily blesses those who love to create and use our God given talents to create wonderful things for Him and the special people in our life through our cards.

Here are five cards I made before there ever was a "dress" die cut and everything was cut out by hand.  ENJOY!!


I created these using my old Barbie doll clothes as examples. I would draw them out on tissue paper for a template and cut them by hand using large decorative ribbon or paper then add pretty embellishments. They were kind of my pride and joy at the time.  I hope you enjoy todays post and get inspired to design and create something beautiful yourself.  Blessings today and always.

TGIF......Today GOD is first.
Stamps:  Retired Stampin' Up Sets      
Accessories: All created and designed by Sherrie Clark then cut out by hand.  Beads, Buttons, Lace, and Ribbon.


  1. Sherrie...these heart inspired 'hand designed' dresses are so darling, so you and the perfect girlfriend card! It was fun to recognize the skirt in the red, black and white as one in my stash :o) You do have the gift of color and design and there is no doubt that all you do is to gladly glorify GOD. There is wisdom and joy in knowing who is the Giver of all gifts. Your love for Him is evident in your cards and in your words. May His blessing cover you and your house sweetly this day.

    1. His is the giver of all good things, and one of those is you to me as a friend. You're a blessing to me daily!!